“Living With Faith” By Enjoli Ortiz

“Living With Faith” By Enjoli Ortiz

October 30th2017, was the day my life completely flipped upside down (in a good way).  Steven Mazzurco agreed to start mentoring me in life/business and honestly the only thing I cared about the most was being mentored in life.  I was so lost with absolutely no direction for where I wanted to go, who I wanted to be, or how I even wanted to live my life.  He gave me a lot of good advice on what I should focus more on in my life, but between me and you… I was just going through the motions. It was hard for me to commit to certain habits that he was suggesting me to instill in my everyday life, and I wish I knew why but it just seemed so out of reach. 

Then Steve started talking about this “Seven Rocks Of Life” concept that caught my attention immediately.  It completely changed my way of living and perception on why I needed to have healthy habits in my life.  I realized that I was lacking in a lot of areas within the seven rocks of life and I had to do an extensive Self -Audit in order to distinguish those areas that I was truly struggling in.  My spiritual and personal development rocks played a major role in the beginning stages of me understanding myself; in working on these rocks I was able to be completely transparent and honest with myself on where I needed the most help.  When I learned how to finally balance the 7 rocks of life I started to develop a clear vision for where my life was headed. I became determined to live that balanced lifestyle and trust me it wasn’t easy and still isn’t, but without it I wouldn’t be in the position of gratitude every day. I can tell you that without being introduced to his mentorship aside from Seven Rock Life, my spiritual rock would be non-existent, and I believe that rock is the most important area for me personally. I look at it as my foundation that keeps me grounded. Being led by the right source has allowed me to have full clarity of who I am, WHO’S I am (The Man Above), and how I want to live my life! 

If I can be transparent with you all, I was so lost a year ago that I was living in the shadow of other people, I didn’t have great relationships with family members and close friends, I thought I was financially stable until I found myself in so much debt, and I thought I could go around indulging in drinking alcohol and filling my body with terrible foods without any repercussion. I got smacked in the face with reality when I realized that I was going nowhere and fast.  I would look at the people around me and wonder if this is really what life was truly about? I would picture myself as an older woman still lost/broken in her late 30’s/40’s and looking back at my life asking if I fulfilled my true destiny. 

My biggest fear is that I’ll look back on my life and wonder what I did with it.  When that fear popped into my mind I knew I needed guidance in order to help get me out of the cycles that I continuously put myself in.  In case any of you were thinking this same thing or have thought it at least once, I have something to tell you, You Are Not A Victim Of Your Circumstances!  I had to become so self-aware that it became clear to me that where I was working, how I grew up, or who I was currently surrounding myself with was NOT the reason why I was in the place I was in.  Now this is where that self-audit needed to come into play, I needed to sit back and realize that the decisions I was making were not decisions that were setting me up for success.  The “Seven Rocks Of Life” was a guideline for me when it came to making consciously good decisions to move my life in the right direction. Committing to living a balanced life with these Seven Rocks meant that I needed to discipline myself in learning each rock individually, so that I can effectively take action into changing my life.

So, it all started with a choice… it was a choice to stay comfortable and go through the motions, or get out of my comfort zone and take a bold stand to take control of my life.  I chose to take control of my life because I know I am worthy for greatness.  If you are looking for growth in your life, I recommend you look & understand  “The Seven Rocks Of Life” and see how balanced or not balanced you have them. Once you learn them then you must commit to gradually getting them all equally balanced and living a healthy and peaceful lifestyle.  

I challenge you to touch upon each rock everyday and see if you don’t see a change…Now my life is finally moving into the direction that God always wanted in the first place. I am at the gym every morning; my relationships are so much better and most importantly I am anchored with who I am and where I am finally going in my life! I have never had so much energy/passion in my life with true happiness everyday! I understand if you don’t feel this way yet but just know it can change quick with a simple decision and proper guidance. Smile everyday because life is truly a blessing & I believe in you!


  ~ “Seeing with your mind is limitless…and your imagination is essential for living by faith and not by sight. Yet,  faith without works is dead and without dreams there is no need for faith”~   @enjolirae


         With Love,

                 Enjoli Ortiz  

“Living To Inspire”   SevenRockLife.com


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