Who Am I….

Who Am I….

The woman I am today is a completely different woman from whom I was before.

It all started when I had to face certain realities about myself. The real truth of myself. Who am I? How have I let my life experiences affect me? When I speak, do I speak positively? What are my habits? What is it in my life that is not progressing?

Answering these questions aren’t always easy but it’s ever so necessary.

August 14 2018, I earned an offer to be mentored by my business and life coach, Steven Mazzurco. He always says “You can’t build a business if you’re not willing to build your life.” This is when I had to ask myself these questions. As I was taking this self-audit, I had to admit to myself I live in fear too much. I struggled with confidence because of past pain, I had an unhealthy relationship with drinking and surrounded myself with negative people.

I had unhealthy voices in order to cope with life and numb the constant anxiety I lived under. That is not the woman I ever intended to be, and when I realized how much I had to change I decided from then on that was no longer me.

Inside I always envisioned an emboldened woman. The woman inside is a leader, an influencer, encourager and a thriver in life. The woman inside overcomes and helps others to do the same. The woman inside stares back her fears and old habits and rises above. She is a motivator and a conqueror. That is who I am. She is who I’ve been transforming myself to become.  But how do we change and how long does it take?

I realized It’s not the movement of time but rather the movement of mind that produces the newness of life. All of us are going through changes, you don’t have to be ashamed of yours. We are all in the process of transforming to a higher and better expression of ourselves. Let every day be the day you birth a higher and better expression of yourself. The key is to intentionally change your daily habits and plug into the right source. I often would let the habits of my past stop me from my metamorphosis. It’s something even today I would struggle with from time to time but the difference now is that I have the passion and the power to evolve. I have the power to replace new and productive habits with the old. For example; instead of going out to happy hour with friends.. I’d go to leadership meetings. I’d replace senseless television with reading books on self-development, relationships and how to create multiple income streams. I’d replace gossip with conversations that are fruitful and positive. I’d also replace music with audiobooks and podcasts. Every day I would find new ways to transform my way of thinking because like I said.. It is the movement of mind that produces the newness of life.

You have to be tired of doing what you’ve always done. If you’re doing what you’ve always done, then you’ll always be where you’ve always been.

New Day, New Me. New Day, New Me. That is my mantra. What separates us is transformation, and intentionally committing to the process of change. One of the main things I wanted to change were my words. Whatever fear or complaint I had, I was often quick to speak it out. I’ve had to make the daily decision to write down POSITIVE affirmations and speak them out loud. If I didn’t believe what I was saying, I would repeat my words until I did. I would get optimistic, energized, pumping myself up, twerking or dancing in my room until I felt GOOD lol.

I affirm that I am LOVED

I attract Positive Energy Daily

I attract Happy, energetic and reliable people into my life and business

I affirm I am a LEADER

I affirm I am SUCCESSFUL!

This is just a percentage of the hundreds of affirmations I rant to myself all day but I do it because it’s helped me transform my mindset! The battleground is in your mind , that’s the real fight. We wake up with our thoughts, and go to sleep with our thoughts. We work with it, and sometimes can’t eat with it. The battle is in your mind. It’s not money, haters or our past that attacks us.. it’s our mind. It’s what we say about ourselves that threatens our destiny. So, speak LIFE! Remember Proverbs 18:21 “ Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.” So, speak to the greatness within you. You’re not trash, you’re not unworthy, you’re not incapable of love or loving, you’re not a victim, you’re not forgotten. Get those negative words behind you and speak new life into your situation. You are loved and love surrounds you. You are a loving and tender person, no matter what life has taught you. You are capable of success because you’re the conductor of your life. Speak life into yourself.

Be intentional on changing your outlook of yourself and your circumstances. Learn to be committed.. because without commitment nothing happens. Learn to control your emotional body to keep it from affecting your physical body. Meaning, don’t allow your emotional thoughts to turn into actions or reality. Don’t give up…Never. Give. Up.Every successful person in life has felt the urge to quit… the difference between them and most people is that they didn’t give up.  Rise up, make the difference in yourself.. and then go make a difference in the lives of others.  Life can change if you choose…I have doubled my salary at work, hitting the gym every week, me relationships around me have grown, growing my business and I feel more at peace with myself every day!

I’m a work in progress and always will be. Learn to focus on your “SeVen RoCks Of LiFe” every day to work towards that balanced life.  We all are growing & working together to become the best version of ourselves. But fall in love with the process of your transformation. It’s a beautiful journey which you should never be ashamed of.


“Fall In Love With The Process Of Becoming The Very Best Version Of Yourself”



Jessica Gaston

“Live To Inspire”



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