Your Body Is The Engine

Your Body Is The Engine

Health is defined as the condition of being sound in body, mind, and spirit. When we think of our health or being healthy we think of eating veggies and drinking water but it goes much deeper than a good diet. Our health is a combination of multiple things and our life foundation. Like any foundation it needs to be built strong to support the longevity of a lifetime and if it’s not you will not fully live life. My mentor Steve always says: “Your life is a gift from the universe & what you do with that life is our gift back to it.” For us to live a true life and maximize our potential, our health shouldn’t hinder us. Of course, in life they are elements we can’t control but what we can do is not make it easier for them, be preventative rather than have to medicate later on.

Growing up, taking care of my health started when I was a teenager and it wasn’t because I was thinking far ahead or had some deep revelation it was simply this… I was skinny, had acne, wasn’t confident and McDonald’s was my life. We all want to have a strong presence about ourselves and for me, I didn’t have that but I had friends who did. They played football, and were in great shape and that’s when unknowingly I started to build my health rock. At first I simply thought go to the gym, lift weights, problems solved but that’s not how it works. Just going to the gym doesn’t make you healthy and I learned that really quick. Your body is like a luxury car and the gas you put in it effects its performance. So, eating big mac’s, then going for a workout isn’t the best idea because there’s no real nutrient in it, that’s like putting regular gas in when you need premium. The main thing with being healthy is what you put into your body.

After starting to work out and not really see any improvement, I really looked in to what I was eating, and drinking. Of course, it was nothing but soda, fast food, and a splash of water if there was literally nothing else to drink hence why my acne was so bad and I felt sluggish. This puts so much work on your heart, your body’s engine and with little support. With better nutrition things change and yes it’s hard to let some of the sweets go but remember this body has to last you a lifetime. So, I started with just drinking water instead of Coco-cola, eating honey glazed turkey sandwiches instead of the fast food, and just from that alone I started to have more energy, my face started clearing up, and my confidence starting going up as well because I started to like my appearance more. Everyone’s health is different, the journey is different, not everyone wants to be muscular but one thing we all have in common is that we all want to feel our best. Along with that we have to stay active, you don’t have to train like you’re going to the Olympics or bodybuilding but you have to keep the engine strong. Your heart needs exercise just like any other muscle to keep the body moving efficiently.

As I started to have results it made me feel even better. I had more energy, I felt stronger, and these changes affected my mental health as well. When we become more comfortable in our own skin we can then use that same energy we used to worry about how we appeared to others and direct it towards something else. Everything works together creating a domino effect that will bring up your overall quality of life. For me it went from just wanting to have a better appearance to eating cleaner, having much better focus, massive amounts energy , and mental toughness. All these things happen as byproducts of you being in good health but you can’t get to that point without discipline, and consistency. You need them both to stay healthy.

Getting healthier will definitely be a struggle for some people, you may have to change some habits but it’s worth it because your life is worth it. Health is wealth and what that really means is this… imagine you had all the success you dreamed of but your health is poor, I bet you would spend everything you had to be healthy again. Taking care of your health becomes a lifestyle, it’s the maintenance on the gift that was given to you so you can go do what you’re really meant to do here on this earth. It’s the nucleolus of your system and the foundation that gives you the ability to actually LIVE, without it our gift is wasted. It’s never too late to start, it doesn’t have to be the right moment, take it one step at a time. There are “7 Rocks Of Life” so make sure to take care of your Health Rock….You only have one body…make it last!

“If there is no struggle there is no progress” –  Fredrick Douglas.


David C. Jacobs



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