Staying Strong…

Staying Strong…

During this time, we have lost people we love, started to value things more than ever before, maybe even have been hurt financially. With all of this time we have had moments to re-think the essence of life. Some have even become professional “TikTok” Dancers to pass the time & put a smile on others faces.  But even through these crushing times we have seen great things come. Whether it be our health care workers serving on the front lines, those still delivering packages to get food or medicine to those that need it risking their lives as well. A list of a few things that are inspiring: 

  • Tyler Perry Picked Up 73 Tabs At a Grocery Store In Atlanta
  • Jack Dorsey pledged $1 Billion To COVID -19 Relief
  • Millions Of equipment has been donated to those in hospitals
  • People have called those they love to catch up
  • Many have donated food to hospitals & took time to clap/thank our health care workers
  • Thanking our first responders still serving calls and risk bringing the virus back home
  • Kids spending time with family and being home schooled via Zoom Videos (Some of you may love that time and some may be waiting for kids to go back!)
  • And so much more….

Just want to encourage you to stay strong. ”OUR” world may be at a halt in certain parts but what’s interesting, as I stared in my backyard yesterday after the rain storm, I saw flowers blossom. Nature seems to be unaffected by this. Even seeing more deer since we are not as loud outside I guess.  So, in essence there is still beauty around us even during unsettling times. I am sorry if you lost a loved one or friend during this time. We will get through this and I believe value the things in life we never did before.

Learn to adjust to the circumstances that life throws at you. Learn to rise and not be defeated along this journey. It may seem like winter in our lives currently but spring is here going into summer. Stay strong, stay home, stay smart and stay safe.

Blessings To You All,
Steven Mazzurco



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